Sustainability tailored for fashion & lifestyle brands


3 ways to a more sustainable future


E-learning programmes

That tells you exactly what to do to meet sustainability requirements.
Actually most of it is done for you already. All the documents required, the communication, the questionnaires, the tools - all of it! The E-learning programmes are divided into three levels:

Basecamp – Compliance and customer requirements

Step up – Product sustainability

Reaching high – Strategy and sustainable brand building


Single modules

For you who has a particular/urgent CSR issue to be solved…
Anything from: “We need a Code of Conduct” to “We need to know something about sustainable fibers” or “We want to educate our shop staff in sustainability” or “We want to base our strategy on the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Browse for modules that might be of interest to you and remember - more and more modules will be added.



Let me be your flexible CSR expert.
If the plug-and-play e-learning programmes still require more resources from you than you can allocate, then you can hire Sustainawear to do it for you.

You pay either 5, 10, 15 or 20.000DKK per months for at least 4 months, and I will do the task required.

If you just want me to help you with small things once in a while, maybe as an add-on to the e-learning, you can buy the 3, 5 or 10 hour consultancy, which you can use whenever you need it.


how to eat an elephant - live workshops

GRATIS workshop om bæredygtighed i modebranchen.

Mandag d. 26. august kl. 10-13 hos Dansk Erhverv/Wear i København

Tirsdag d. 3. september 10-13 hos PEJ Gruppen i Herning


Sustainable news & updates

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The “How to eat an elephant” module is a guided risk analysis process, that will guide you through the process of identifying your first or next steps.